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Storage shelves kiloWatt open cabinet

Got an empty wall or room to divide? Looking for some serious storage space? The kiloWatt family of stackable modular cabinets will provide you with large and visually striking storage options. Use a single one as a true center piece in your space, or create a configuration to suit your needs.

The wide range of different options assures there is a solution for any mess your house might be in. They stack freely – no need to affix them together – giving you the flexibility to change your configuration whenever you feel like. The no-screw, no-glue construction allows for fast and easy assembly, but also for easy (flat) storage and efficient transport. A must-have for any frequent (international) mover.

This fully open display version of the kiloWatt is the grand daddy of them all. Extremely flexible, very good value and the perfect starting place to build your wall-filling kiloWatt configuration. Designed with records and file folders in mind, it will also house larger collectibles, stereo equipment or your booze. It also works well as e.g. a corridor bench with a large storage space.

  • lifetime warranty on structural integrity
  • made of durable wood
  • 100% natural oil finish
  • easy to clean surfaces
  • made in the NL
  • ships flat pack (qualifies as large item)
  • easy assembly without glue, nails or screws

Free shipping within the Netherlands.

The kiloWatt ships in 1-3 weeks. Configured versions may take little longer.

Please note: during the vacation period (July & August) delivery times might be longer than usual/listed, especially for configured items. Items in stock ship as usual, please contact us if you would like exact delivery times per style/color. 

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