The kiloCalorie is our low style coffee table inspired by the traditional Japanese kotatsu tables. However, the method of production is far from traditional. The latest techniques in CNC-routing allow this piece to be assembled without glue, nails or screws. The 31 pieces slot together like a puzzle, in which the last piece locks the construction. Therefore, an assembled kiloCalorie acts like one solid piece of furniture.

However, to ensure a 100% smooth tabletop we hand-assemble and hand-finish this piece for you, so the kiloCalorie comes ready to use straight out of the box. Please note, the name kiloCalorie wasn’t chosen randomly, it is one heavy piece of furniture.

The top is hand-finished with an all natural oil that gives this pieces a warm, rich finish. The surface is extremely durable, water repellent and easy to clean. The kiloCalorie comes in all our seasonal colours to match your interior and can also be used in clusters to create a stunning centrepiece in at home or office.

Free shipping within the Netherlands.

The kiloCalorie ships in 3-6 weeks.



+ lifetime warranty on structural integrity
+ made of durable wood
+ 100% natural oil finish
+ easy to clean surfaces
+ made in the NL
+ ships ready made, no assembly required. (qualifies as large item)
+ heavy-duty


Soft Grey

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