our story

Founded in 2013 KILO was born out of a desire to create a new generation of heirlooms. An alternative to today’s throwaway, mass produced furniture, as well as to the overly designed and over priced brands.

KILO uses a single material and one tool. 

We combine the latest technology with timeless craftsmanship. Using state of the art CNC-machinery enables us to produce each part to exact measurements while we sand and oil the parts by hand to obtain a premium finish.

KILO assembles without nails, screws or glue. 

All furniture ships flatpack and requires assembly by its new owner.  The very low tolerances of the individual parts and connections have made the use of screws, nails or glue obsolete. A few easy steps enable you to create your KILO piece in minutes.

KILO is Dutch design, made locally.

The entire collection is designed in Amsterdam and produced locally to support our commitment to sustainability. The collection is seasonally refreshed with new styles and colours.

KILO, for our generation and the next.


Birch plywood

Each KILO piece is created out of the highest quality birch plywood. This furniture grade material consist of multiple cross-laminated layers of birch wood. This ensures a very high strength combined with excellent measurements hold. All is sustainably sourced and is 100% FSC certified.


The Birch Plywood used in KILO furniture is laminated with a high pressure laminate. This HPL is known for its extreme durability. It is very hard-wearing, water-repellant and KILO offers it in a choice of seasonal colours. It is easy to clean and maintain.


The exposed birch wood surfaces are hand-finished with a 100% natural oil. This Dutch high-quality product is solvent free, durable and is rubbed in by hand to fully saturate the wood grain for a lasting rich caramel-like finish. Each batch of Corcol-oil is hand cooked using a mix of pure linseed and tungsten oils. It is heat resistant, quick drying, UV proof, humidity regulating and water repellant.

Corten steel

The KILO-label is made out of Dutch rain-treated Corten steel. No two logos are alike as each logo carries a unique rust pattern. All original KILO products are branded with the KILO-logo; it ensures the quality and service that comes with a KILO original.


First off, we believe the biggest waste comes from throwing away products. KILO is made to last generations and does not go obsolete. We give life-time guaranty on structural integrity, so if you ever manage to break a part, we’ll replace it free of cost. Second, we source as locally as possible, not just the (FSC approved) wood but also the 100% natural oil we use to finish our products and drawer guides are made in the Netherlands. Third, we produce locally and flatpack, reducing the shipping distances and volumes, and with that our carbon footprint. In the near future, we aim to build up a network of licensed manufacturing partners abroad, reducing shipping distances even further. Lastly, we only work with (environmentally) friendly suppliers


KILO loves doing special projects and collaborations. We can do custom colours or even custom designs. Do you have a hotel, office, store or other public place to furnish? Get in touch with us at to discuss options. Previous projects include:

Sony Music HQ – Hilversum Media Park, NL
We Like Milk agency – Amsterdam, NL
Semmtech B.V. – Hoofddorp, NL
ReFraming Studio – Amsterdam, NL