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kiloBel stool/side table

A fresh take on the classic; the kiloBel is as versatile as it’s older sibling the kiloBar, but with a fresh shape and in one our new colours it’s the perfect way to update your KILO collection. A bit lighter and easier to handle and store, because of it’s triangular design, it’s a perfect piece to let roam freely through your house. Use it as a stool, a side table or a step stool, the kiloBel does it all.

  • lifetime warranty on structural integrity
  • made of durable wood
  • 100% natural oil finish
  • made in the NL
  • ships flat pack (qualifies as small item)
  • easy assembly without glue, nails or screws

Free shipping within the Netherlands

The kiloBel ships in 1-3 business days. Configured versions may take little longer.

Please note: during the vacation period (July & August) delivery times might be longer than usual/listed, especially for configured items. Items in stock ship as usual, please contact us if you would like exact delivery times per style/color. 

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