The kiloByte is one quirky little fellow. With it’s clean and simple form and somewhat odd shape you might not expect the versatile character of this piece. The kiloByte is a storage shelf for books or magazines, combined with a small side table to hold your cup of tea, your mobile, your tablet/laptop or your miniature robot!

Reading books in your easy chair? The kiloByte holds your books and your cup of tea. Want to watch Netflix on your laptop or tablet? Pull the kiloByte up to your sofa and you’re ready to binge.

The kiloByte comes in all our seasonal colors and features a contrasting shelf in white. This piece is easy to handle and lightweight. It consists of only 3 pieces which slide together allowing you to store it flat when not in use. The kiloByte is easily shippable and makes the perfect gift for any household.

The kiloByte ships within 1-3 weeks.



+ lifetime warranty on structural integrity
+ made of durable wood
+ 100% natural oil finish
+ made in the NL
+ ships flat pack (qualifies as small item)
+ easy assembly without glue, nails or screws
+ striking appearance with contrasting shelf color


Soft Grey

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